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Save 'n carry App 2.0
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Save´n carry 2.0


  • The Android application Save'n carry allows an easy and fast programming via smartphone and tablet
  • Products of the pro4-line can be programmed directly with the smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Products of the easy-line can be programmed directly with the smartphone via NFC (Android)
  • Reading and writing to the time switch without additional accessories
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Send programs directly via WhatsApp, E-Mail, iMessage, etc.
  • Save and send programs as pdf-document

  • The bonding process with the devices must be done via the app. A connection through the Bluetooth menu of the smartphone or tablet prevents the visibility of the device in the app.
  • For a reliable Bluetooth connection, the activation of the location services is mandatory. Otherwise, it can lead to connection problems.
  • Minimum requirement:
    Android Version 5.0 or iOS 12.0
    Bluetooth 5

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