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Air quality controllers

Order numbers

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GS 40.10 knx
GS 40.11 knx new
CO2- air quality sensor & controller
GS 41.10 knx
GS 41.11 knx new
CO2- air quality sensor & controller with manual set-point temperature adjustment ± 3°C

Air quality sensors & controllers
GS 40.1x / GS 41.1x


  • Detection of air quality
    (CO2-concentration, rel. humidity, temperature)
  • CO2-sensor (Measuring range 390...5.000 ppm air pressure compensated)
  • CO2-value is atmospheric pressure compensated
  • Sensors for CO2-, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure measurement
  • Temperature sensor (Measuring range 0...+50 °C)
  • Humidity sensor (Measuring range 0...100 % rel. humidity)
  • Humidity comparator function
  • 5 binary and analogue inputs (e.g. for connecting an external temperature sensor)
  • Clearly structured ETS
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • Modern and planar design
  • Wall mounting
  • Additionally at GS 41.10 knx / GS 41.11 knx:
    manual adjustment of set-point temperature via touch panel (adjustment range ± 3°, increment 0,5°)

    Additional features GS 40.11knx / GS 41.11 knx:
  • Party function
  • Extension of the value range of setpoints
  • Temperature control with up to 4 sensor values possible
  • Additional VAV controller
  • and much more

Information about CO2 and Covid-19

  • Every person is emitting CO2 and aerosols e.g. during breathing. Today aerosols are claimed to be one of the transmission ways of SARS-CoV-2. CO2-concentrations can be measured and the correlation between the CO2 and the aerosol concentration can be used for analytical investigations, which use the measured CO2-concentration to calculate a likely aerosol concentration. (TU Berlin)
  • A longer stay in small, bad or not ventilated room can increase the probability of a Covid-19 spread by aerosols even on bigger distances over 2 m. (RKI)
  • The use of our CO2-sensors and the resulting room ventilation helps minimizing the risk of infection e.g. in schools or offices, gyms, restaurants or other premises where several people stay together.

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