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Save Time

Save time - time switches, masterclocks, timers and elapsed time counters

Our portfolio contains a vast range of products related to the topic TIME.

Time switches are a powerful tool to save time and money by controlling simple recurring tasks as well as complex sequences. With their help lamps, ventilators, motors, machines and other devices can be switched on and off at defined times. It is also possible to program cycles, to regulated the current supply or to avoid unnecessary consumption. Manual on and off switching isn‘t needed anymore. Here you´ll find the right tool for every task. Our time switches are available as DIN-rail mounting devices, for switchboard panel and wall mounting as well as for flush-mounting.

Besides analogue (Daily, Weekly) and digital (Weekly, Astro, Yearly) time switches you will also find our Masterclocks, Timers, elapsed time counters and shutter control here.

All of our products are equipped with well-conceived features. Time switches with holiday function, fully automatic daylight saving time, illuminated displays and the possibility to transfer the data via smartphone. The Save´n carry programming package PP 60.00 pro enables the easy read in, editing and programming of switching times with the PC (via USB) or Smartphone (via Bluetooth).

Our Hugo Müller elapsed time counters are available for AC and DC power supplies. They are particularly suitable for the continuous monitoring of service intervals and machine cost calculations.

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