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Count down timers / Relays

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MR 28.10 pro

müller MR 28.10 pro


  • Digital multifunctional relay
  • 1 channel [CO]
  • 20 functions
  • Time range 0,1s up to 999h
  • Minimum interval 0,1s
  • Free adjustable time range
  • *Power Fail Security (adjustable)
  • *Security Request after Power Fail (adjustable)
  • Elapsed time and pulse counter
  • Security by PIN-Code
  • Display with three text lines
  • External input

    *An interruption of the devices power supply turns off the relay. The state of the relay and the already elapsed time are saved and loaded on resumption of power supply. The saved state prior and the elapsed time to the power failure will be recovered after resumption of power supply. This process can be protected by a securtity request.


  • Text based menu and self-explanatory symbols
  • Display with three high resolution text lines
  • Easy handling. Quick and intuitive programmable
  • Can be programmed with supply disconnected (10 years battery-reserve)
  • Unlimited program security by E2-PROM

Intended use

  • The device fits for the particular use of the following tasks: switching of a relay after an in front defined time interval and function (switching characteristics are adjustable)
  • Any other uses than those just described are not permissible and are not for the intended purpose.

Supply voltage versions

  • 230 V 50-60 Hz

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