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smart home

mi.puck - the smart home solution from müller

With the mi.puck system, we offer you an intelligent solution for creating smart rooms and buildings that is suitable for new buildings, renovation projects and as a retrofit solution for existing buildings.
Smarthome mit mi.puck
Einfache Installation
Intuitive Konfiguration
30 Tage Garantie

Expandable system

With the mi.puck system, new devices can be added at any time to expand or complement your smart home solution as needed.

Easy to install

The pucks are installed by an electrician in the cavity wall sockets, for example behind a switch or pushbutton.

Intuitive configuration

Through the app, profiles can be created and associated devices can be effortlessly added, configured and delivered to the customer as a system.

30 months warranty

Benefit from the advantages of a device warranty that provides you with additional security in case a device fails.