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Connecter - KNX

CONNECT - products for building systems automation

You can find our products for the building automation in the product group CONNECT. We use the vendor independent standard KNX for our products. You can use them as components of your intelligent building automation system to connect and regulate. The KNX system allows the interaction of illumination, shadowing, heating, climate, air control etc.

The bus technology provides a communication platform for all participants and every application can be controlled fast and easy. Our time switches knx, sensor stations knx and the room climate controllers knx are helpful components thereby. They can be combined with products of different manufacturers easily. Our products are suitable for your “smart home” and “smart building” system.

All products can be produced as customer specific versions in Germany. We can adjust them to your unique wishes. You can find more information about your new KNX device from Hugo Müller right here.