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    • Hugo Müller (the later founder of the company) becomes a guild master in the clockmaker profession. While working for the Wurttemberg clock factory during regular working hours, he repairs and sells radio devices in his spare time.
    • 1929, during the great depression Hugo quits his job at his employer and starts his own company, producing speakers. Shortly after he invents the well-known OMEGA headphones, which are sold worldwide.
    • In the beginning of the 50’s, the product range is extended with a product called “Electro Boy”. This product was one of the first universal time switches on the market including an electric socket, to be used on the table (“Tisch Elektro Boy”)
    • In 1966, Horst Müller – the son of Hugo Müller – joins the family business
    • 1982: By introducing the first fully-electronic times switches (so-called “switching computers”) as well as hour counters, the company manages a great breakthrough.
    • Exact time-switching and light-depending switching, controlling and counting becomes the slogan of the company.
    • 1985: A cooperation between the companies Hugo Müller (sales and development), Lanfer (sales) and Jauch + Schmid (production) is established.
    • 1988: Development and production of the first customer-specific shutter-timers
    • 2004: Production of the first room temperature controllers
    • 2005: Acquisition of the production company (Jauch + Schmid) and acquisition of the non-family shares by the grand children of Hugo Müller (Annette Müller and Alexander Müller) – also assuming the positions of managing directors.
    • The migrated companies are handled as “Hugo Müller” from now on.
    • 2005: Serial production of the product line “Internetbox” (indluding a cloud solution) starts
    • It seems as if the company Hugo Müller is one step ahead of its time…
    • 2011: Start developing the first products for the building automation (KNX)
    • 2015: Production start of our own CO2-/ air quality sensors for room climate controls.