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Luftgütesensoren / CO2-Ampel


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GS 42.00 pro
Netzteil für
GS 42.01 pro
Netzteil mit
inkl. Rückwand 200.004

CO2-Ampel GS 42.0x pro


  • CO2-sensor / CO2-monitor
  • Measurement of an aerosol equivalent
  • LED signal
  • Maintenance-free through self-calibration
  • 3 open-collector outputs
  • Acoustic signaling deactivatable
  • Mute function
  • Ventilation advice:
    Start at 1000 ppm (LED green to yellow, buzzer every 5 minutes)
    Stop at 800 ppm (LED yellow to green)
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • Modern and planar design
  • Wall mounting

  • The 230 V AC to 12 V DC flush-mounted power supply within GS 42.00 pro doesn't fit in the back part 200.004, the back part is only for surface wiring. Hence, it is recommended to install the power supply in a wall or junction box.

Information about CO2 and Covid-19

  • Every person is emitting CO2 and aerosols e.g. during breathing. Today aerosols are claimed to be one of the transmission ways of SARS-CoV-2. CO2-concentrations can be measured and the correlation between the CO2 and the aerosol concentration can be used for analytical investigations, which use the measured CO2-concentration to calculate a likely aerosol concentration. (TU Berlin)
  • A longer stay in small, bad or not ventilated room can increase the probability of a Covid-19 spread by aerosols even on bigger distances over 2 m. (RKI)
  • The use of our CO2-sensors and the resulting room ventilation helps minimizing the risk of infection e.g. in schools or offices, gyms, restaurants or other premises where several people stay together.

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